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Trail Creek Picks: Our Favorite Trails & Parks (Part II)

Earlier this month, we shared a few staff picks of parks and trails in the Brandywine Valley and beyond. From popular state parks like First State National Historical Park to day-trip destinations like Hawk Mountain, we shared a variety of areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware that are perfect places to spend a day outside.

Well, we have lots of outdoor enthusiasts on our team (fitting for an outdoor store, no?) and we had to get their picks, too. So, we're back with round two! Discover more parks and trails from our team members -- plus, the reasons why they love them -- in our latest post below:


Stateline Woods - Kennett Square, PA / Aurburn Heights Preserve - Hockessin, DE

"I have amazing memories of the Trail Creek Series races on rainy mornings in the late spring covering an inspiring combination of wet forests and meadows which were beginning to get some tall spring growth. It has many varied areas packed into a nice compact package. I love it so much my wife and I got engaged there."

Middle Run Valley Natural Area - Newark, DE

"I try to go running in all kinds of different places, both road and trail, near and away on trips; Middle Run takes the cake for me. Seriously. Tons of trails winding through the woods with interesting terrain and a nice blend of hills. Mountain bikers maintain these trails so they have fun tight curves, features and are always in good shape. Not big enough? Connect to Judge Morris Estate or White Clay!"



ChesLen Preserve - Coatesville, PA

First State National Historical Park - Wilmington, DE

Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area - Elkton, MD

"I am super fortunate to have quite a few favorite local spots in the Brandywine Valley. ChesLen Preserve is my "go-to" for close by hiking and trail running. The diversity of open fields and woodlands does not disappoint, offering majestic views, plenty of space to explore, and unlimited opportunities to spot wildlife and plants. For mountain biking, Fair Hill and First State offer expansive terrain to ride through everything from rocky outcrops to eastern woodland forests with calming creek crossings. The multi-use trails are welcoming to all!"



Alapocas Run State Park - Wilmington, DE

First State National Historical Park - Delaware

Brandywine Creek State Park - Wilmington, DE

Cape Henlopen State Park - Lewes, DE

"Exploring the trails and parks in Delaware affords great opportunities to experience the diversity of plants and animals in the state. I love getting out and getting lost on the trails. Sometimes exploring the trails isn't enough though, and taking care of them takes priority. I often take a trash bag with me to pick up trash along the trail -- on one trip I left with three full bags of trash!"



White Clay Creek State Park - Newark, DE Pinnacle Rock off the Appalachian Trail - Hamburg, PA Canopy View Trail - San Francisco, CA "The Dave English Trail in White Clay is great for both hiking and biking. It's a looped trail with some fun off-shoots to explore. A little further out, Pinnacle Rock off the Appalachian Trail is also one of my favorite spots to spend time outside. And, okay, it's not local to the area but the Canopy View Trail in John Muir Woods in California is a great trail to add to the list. I enjoy discovering new trails that give the opportunity to escape to the woods!"



Marsh Creek State Park - Downingtown, PA

"As an avid kayaker, I love getting out on the water whenever I can. Marsh Creek is a gorgeous lake tucked away in the woods near Downingtown. Every time I kayak there, the beautiful views and navigable waters offer both relaxation and a new challenge. Along with the lake, the Park has great trails, too. If you're not ready to get on the water just yet, you can enjoy it's beauty from one of Marsh Creek's great walking trails! Definitely a must-see when in Chester County."

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