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built and loved by cofounders Brian havertine & ed camelli

In 1983, two very green young guys had a dream. We wanted to open a store that would be the next L. L. Bean or Orvis.


With lots of help from friends and family, along with taking many risks and putting in the physical labor, they were able to open Country Classics on March 23rd of that year.


What started from very humble beginnings with very little inventory, the store grew slowly but steadily. Originally offering primarily hunting and fishing themed merchandise, everything changed when Brian and Ed moved their store into the newly built Glen Eagle Shopping Center.


A lot of soul searching took place during this move, but one thing they both agreed upon was the desire to become the best outdoor store in the area. Then, Trail Creek Outfitters was officially born.


Brian and Ed committed to offering exceptional customer service, and offering only the best clothing and gear from the top outdoor clothing companies. Pairing those standards with the desire to give back to the community as often as possible, Trail Creek continues to thrive, while always looking for more and more ways to improve.




Four decades later, Trail Creek's family has grown and changed tremendously, while continuing to prioritize our shared love for community, family, and the outdoors. In fact, in 2017 we opened a second location right in Kennett Square! 
As a team, we all are constantly getting outdoors to experience the world around us, and of course to try out our top of the line gear! In 2019, we organized a trip to Patagonia for customers to partake in, and we are regularly scheduling events, hikes, runs, and other activities meant to inspire and excite our senses.
We welcome you all to come on in and tell us about your upcoming adventures, and to let us help you find the right apparel, shoes, tent, cooler, Hydro Flask that will make them all that much better!

In Fall 2019, we tragically lost our co-founder Brian Havertine, and had to forge a new path ahead with out one of our truly irreplaceable and deeply loved leaders.


Brian's wife, Joanne, has since stepped into his place beside Ed, further uniting the Trail Creek staff, and launching us into a new generation.

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